Tree House close-up

The place where it all comes together

Tree House brings everything and everyone together: the new building, situated between Central Station and Central Post, will open its doors in 2024. It’s been designed as a place to live, work, socialise and enjoy yourself. Tree House will have an open, sustainable, and welcoming environment. A spectacular architectural landmark of which Rotterdam can be proud. It’s time to stop hustling and savour the inspiration, innovation and fun that Tree House brings while escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Ecosystem of a tree

As a structure composed mostly of timber, Tree House takes its inspiration from the ecosystem of a tree. The building features CO2 storage, prevents flooding by capturing rainwater overflowing from the roof of Rotterdam Central during heavy rainfall, and brings greening and cooling. Tree House will feature lush plantings of trees and greenery: from the public stairways and stunning terraces, to the Pocket Park with its beautiful, monumental plane trees. The abundance of green creates a perfect microclimate, accentuated by the greenery of the roof gardens and the external balconies of the apartments on the tower’s top floors.

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Tree House close-up

A new place that unites

The energy of Tree House is buzzing in the streets and the generous entrances invite you to step inside to discover the amazing events and activities. There will be plenty to see and do, from dusk till dawn. From mid-2024 you’ll be able to treat yourself to a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner, drinks, thought-provoking lecture, take a workshop or dance the night away. This is your invitation. 


Tree House will offer varied, top-notch apartments. Including office spaces, as well as a cultural platform with an engaging year-round programme. And, of course, cafes and eateries serving up inspiring menus.

Tree House brings the city indoors

Places to meet everywhere

The lush planting creates new meeting spaces where everyone is welcome. The ‘Stadstribune’ will be a public staircase where residents, commuters, students, tourists, office workers and taxi drivers can take a seat and meet. To enjoy a healthy sandwich, a coffee, watch the world go by and savour the view of our Central Station while listening to the rattle of trams and trains.


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